Friday, April 17, 2009



I'm so happy to be back home - sleeping in my own bed, in a town that understands my accent and I understand theirs - where my cats roam freely about the courtyard and every face in my neighborhood is familiar in the morning and foreign in the afternoon.

I was finally able to finish         La Boucherie de la Paix 
on rue d'Orsel - a painting that I had started last winter. 
The butcher was quite pleased as was his charming assistant. It's probably the first time someone made a painting of his sadly isolated shop.
The lady from the dress shop behind me was not so pleased. She shook her door mat a few times so the wind blew the grit in my direction. I got the picture and moved my easel out of her aim and merrily painted on.  

See La Boucherie de la Paix - click on flashing box PARIS PAINTINGS on the side panel.

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  1. You tell such great stories, Mary. Keep up the good work.



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