Monday, December 28, 2009


I spent a wonderful Christmas day at Iris'es house, just outside of Paris. We were twenty à table. Anne and Latecia, her daughters, did the preparation and many more were summoned to bring something. I, the only American, was marked for cranberry sauce.
I did some hunting and was warned that in Paris those wild Massachucettes berries are sold one by one.
I found two packets (origin USA) on la rue
des Abbesses at a small Morocan green grocer and prepared the sauce Christmas Eve before Mass and my Café visit. It seemed to be a hit, but everything was good and plentiful including the champagne.

I arrived home early evening and opened the windows to the courtyard right off so that Lucy and Miss Kitty could wander.
Then went back to work on a large abstract painting that I had started a couple of weeks ago.
I was startled when Miss Kitty arrived with my cadeau de Noel. No. not
a mouse, but a tinsel garland from the consierge's Christmas tree.
Six meters long.

I'm not afraid of my consierge. I am afraid to be on her bad side. I thought it was best to replace it in the dark. I stepped out and so did she. I wished her Merry Christmas, then confessed that Miss Kitty had stolen her decoration. She seemed not terribly upset. Perhaps she had had a nice Christmas Day also.

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  1. Today Miss Kitty broke one the consierge'es flower pots. Might have to move.



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