Saturday, May 22, 2010


rue des Abbesses 2001

I'm showing some works that I made in the 'hood' at a very groovy wine bar that I love.
Caves des Abbesses, 43 rue des Abbesses. It is unbeatable. A wine store that has a hidden wine bar, charcuterie - good cheese resto in the back room. Come visit.
Only open in the evening. Saturdays an d Sundays - all day.

Here are some abstract notes from my 1995 move to Montmartre

I had tried not to think about what life would be like after my eventual departure from rue Pierre Larousse. I assumed it was not going to be better and hoped it would not be a whole lot worse. Moving into the little apartment on rue Ravingnon, my apprehensions transformed to ecstasy.

It was as if the best artist of them all had lifted me up between His thumb and index finger and placed me exactly where I should be.

Music. Was I in heaven? Ruby and I had just stepped out the door to the sound of an incredibly powerful saxophone player. I didn’t realize I had such a great musician living so close to me, but, this was Montmartre. Arthur Rubinstein had lived up the hill on rue Orkchamp and the French singer Dalidia down the street from him.

The young musician, as I had imagined him, must have opened his windows to the beautiful spring day. All of rue Ravignon was benefiting to the glory of his gift. With Ruby anxiously pulling me along. I was just approaching rue des Abbesses. I ran into Robert, le patron of Chez Camille.

“He’s really good.” Was my first comment.

“Who?” Robert asked.

“Le saxophonist.”

“Oui, je l’aime beaucoups. Le Duke."

Luckily, I saw the loud speakers attached to a wire that had been stretched across rue des Abbesses.

“What’s that?” I asked him pointing.

Celebration Village Lepic /Abbesses."

"You’ll get tired of it. It goes on three days and nights."

he murmured with his typical French enthusiasm."

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