Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Jamie lived near me on the Upper East side in New York. He was an artist and had a studio on Long Island. Always joking, he asked me if I knew why there were only 28 days in February.
This year 29. I didn't. Then he announced that if there were 30, everyone would commit suicide.
Then he roared with laughter.
This winter, Paris was slammed with a paralizing cold spell.
But recently, there seems to be light at the end of Les Champs Elysée, buds spouting. and a couple of nests on leafless trees. I was surprised to hear birds singing in the gardens.
Weird. It's still February. And in Paris you never know if spring is just around the corner or will it be snowing in April?

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  1. It's like that in Boston, too - snow in April is not unheard of. This year, though - no snow, and flowers blooming in February!! Love the painting, gorgeous as always!



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