Monday, November 10, 2014

CAFE KAKOO at the foot of Sacre Coeur

 September 17, 2014
Manuel, a friend and owner of the Café Kakoo asked me to make a painting of his bistro. I told him that I didn't paint in the street anymore. He had sold his part of the restaurant and would be leaving Paris at the end of the year.
"Please." he begged me with his sparkling eyes and gorgeous smile. I want one more Mary Blake painting to remember you by.

 I agreed. The next day I set up my easel for the attack on about the most crowded spot on earth -the entrance gate going up to Sacre Coeur.
Camera city.

THE  PHOTO TAKERS as opposed to photographers.

If I looked up and saw a camera aimed at me and the person made a gesture as if to say is it okay?
I would nod and return to my work.
The best was when I looked up and the photo taker pretended to be aiming at the sky or the building behind me. 
Unacceptable - Putting the camera in front of my face to take a photo of my painting in progress.
or the grinning housewife posing with her head next to my painting  with a victory sign. 
"Scat lady."

It was a real lesson in concentration, especially the way I paint. Always by trial and error. I arrange the colors first. When I find harmony approaching, I gradually weave in the subject.
A week later I presented the painting to Manuel

"It's wonderful!" he smiled. "That how I'll remember my café with the world steaming by."

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