Sunday, January 4, 2015


I found this on the internet today in an advertisement for short term rentals in Montmartre titled Million Dollar View Paris.
From Mark and Allison visiting from Australia-

How did a typical day in The Million Dollar View start / end for you?
I could say that we left our heart in the Million Dollar View apartment. This was our second stay there and we enjoyed it immensely. The apartment is really well-sized and perfectly located and we were happy to spend our time there. We did a lot of reading and relished many bottles of Champagne & Alsace Riesling, often sitting on the balcony and enjoying the picture-postcards views over the magical Paris our apartment had to offer. 

The colourful and friendly mosaics of Rue des Abbesses; Painting: Mary Blake

It was "nice" of them to use my painting with the comment from a 2012 renter. The painting was made in the year 2000. Nearly all my paintings of Paris street scene appear to the viewer that I am on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Perspective is not my forte. Here I am standing on the street.
 Rue des Abbesses is still glorious, but it is now a one-way street. There is a parking lane for motor-bikes and trees that are now ten years old. Le Vrai Paris was a great degenerate bar. It is now chic and snobby. When I last painted it a few years back the clientele was so aloof I undressed them.
Thus called "La Vrai Paris à Poil".

La Vrai Paris à Poil

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