Friday, May 8, 2015


"Rendez-vous à Montmartre"
I knew Carolyn in NYC when I was still a student at the Art Students League and working in restaurants at night. The owner of my restaurant, Alan Stillman , also owned Fridays, a hot Upper-Eastside singles bar. We all used to hang out there and drink. For free. She worked at Thursdays. Wednesdays was a trendy disco.
I left for Paris in 1972. Carolyn remembers that I said "I'm moving to Paris to paint." I thought it had something to with a man who couldn't live without me, but Carolyn says it was "to paint".  She had held on to a T-shirt with one of my famous birds painted on it for all these year. Last year she found me on Facebook and has been a faithful fan. She and her husbtand, Chris, visited Paris a month ago and we spent an afternoon walking around Montmartre with Boston. This painting is for their home in Malibu. I put it on my Facebook page to an apparent success.

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