Tuesday, December 29, 2015

CAFE DE LA LIBERTÉ boulevard Edgar Quinet

"Café La Liberté" 1993 acrylic on canvas

One of my early Paris street painting not far from my apt. on rue Pierre Larousse. The monsieur on the second floor
above the café was thrilled that I was painting chez lui. He assured me every day that he would buy it when finished. When finished, I was invited to the café to meet sa femme and present my chef-d'oeuvre. She was blond,dressed in a white embroidered tunic top with slightly transparent white pajama pants. Comfortable in her cushioned seat, she leaned back holding her chilled Chabis high and announced that "Vôtre couleurs n'entre pas dans nôtre universe." She had to repeat it a number of times before I realized that she was into white because it represented purity. Time for me to go to confession and the bank.

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