Sunday, July 24, 2016


La Place Passy 1994

I painted the charming Place Passy in 1994 just before Luco the small grocery store on the right gave way to a MacDonalds and a high end fashion shop replaced the finest pastry  ever to disolve in your mouth. in a store on the left. But even before then...

I was into my third day of a meager attempt to recreate this fabulous morning market scene when I heard from behind a very high pitched voice,
"Avant que Passy était Paris,  c'était la Marie de Passy" (the town hall) I turned to see a very elegant elderly gentelman pointing to the pattiserie
"A bon!" I said. That's very interesting. He nodded and moved on.
Five minutes later an another old man arrived. He was somewhat bent and had an intruding shuffel.
He stood for sometime and just looked. 
Then I shared the knowledge from my earlier visit. "Avant que Passy était Paris, c'était la Marie de Passy"
He wasn't sure. I told him that a very old man had just told me.
He got angry and insisted that he couldn't be older than him. Impossibe.
Yes. He was. (to defend the integity of the first monsieur).
He shuffeled off.
In fact Passy has been part of Paris for the last three centuries so the monsieur must have been a historian or just pulling my leg. I think to this day the former.

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