Sunday, November 12, 2017

1544 2nd AVENUE

"1544 2nd Avenue" 2017

1544 2nd Avenue was where I lived for ten years. I was going to give this drawing an exotic city name but it reminded me so much of my old pad...the 6 floor walk up - bathtub (with feet) in the kitchen. From 80th and 2nd I could see The Empire State Building while taking a bath. No tall buildings in the immediate path. AND if one went to the top of The Empire State Building and put a quarter into one of those binocular machines, you could see me taking a bath. From 50 streets away. A CNN reporter told me that so it must be true. As I continued to draw, many memories revived. I wrote my childrensbook there...and all the bird water colors...Ruby, my Bronx born boarder collie and Cheep my free flying canary -

I decided to check it on Google image-maps. It was GONE! An empty lot. I felt very weird.  Sad. 1542 and 1540 also. The entire corner. The Six Joys Chinese take-out. Divino. $14,000,000 for the three lots. I did my best to give tribute to my old abode. There are no photos so I had to rely on my imagination.

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