Friday, June 13, 2008


I finished my painting of the Café Progrès this morning with a shocking  florescent  hot pink.   I wanted to save the flo - the frosting on the cake- for the end. Even though day-glow goes back to 'my day', dipping into it was a new bridge to cross, one step before tongue piercing, and breast tattooing.
While the work was in progress, many passer-byes were curious why I hadn't included the name of this famous Montmartre hang-out. "Wait and see." I told them-embarrassed to use flouresent paint until it got dark.
  After lunch, I went down to rue Lepic to work on a painting  I had started earlier in the week.
It was a peaceful afternoon with mostly neighborhood people stopping and smiling. I saw my friend Henri, who always irks my concentration with local gossip chat. 
I said "Sorry, Henri, I'm working."
 Then, I heard from behind, "Mary , I like it."
It was Troy, a fellow artist, now very successful, whose work I deeply admire. He's one of the few artists I know that steps outside  his own ego.  Although we only cross paths, quickly and hap-hazardly, he's  always had words that either  encourage or console me.
I confessed to him that I had used fluorescent paint to finish the Le Progrès  painting.
Then I added. "You probably use it all the time."
He's avant garde. 
He said "Yeah, but your colors are always kind of flo anyway."
"Really? "
"Yeah." They radiate by themselves."

So, in fact, it was just another day.    


  1. I enjoy your blog, Mary. And I love your paintings...they are so vibrant and full of life. You're very brave to paint outside for all the world to watch! Is there a gallery there that shows your work? I'd love to check it out the next time I travel to Paris.

  2. Thank you Evelyn,
    Let me know when you're coming to Paris and I will make arrangements for you to visit my studio.
    Meanwhile, you can find me painting "Le 2 Moulin"
    on rue Lepic. It's the cafè where Ameli Pouline was a waitress.
    How did you find my blog? I am really a beginner,
    so am astonished that someone so far away reads it.

  3. I found your blog mentioned on Polly Vous Francais and fell in love with your paintings! I really like the very dark one of the Eiffel Tower at night. My first trip to France was in 2005 when I became an unabashed Francophile. I've become rather addicted to blogs and have a half dozen from France...Paris and Provence...that I read regularly. I started my own blog where I blog about lots of things that interest me including Paris and Provence. I'll keep your offer in mind for my next trip. Would love to see your studio!! E



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