Sunday, October 12, 2008


The festival Vendages Montmartre kicked off last Monday at the movie-house Pathe-Wepler. A double feature - "French Can-Can" and the more recent, "Moulin Rouge" with Nicole Kidman.
I've seen the Renoir film perhaps five times, but, it's been thirty years since it was offered to me on the silver-screne.  My memories were the cinematographic mix. This time - my wonderful nights at The Moulin and the scenes from my neighborhood. My landlord's office is in the same building of that historic landmark.  Years ago, I had the privilege, of having a front row seat every night to sketch the dancers. Later, I would return home to modify my pastels. I swear that there was not an occasion that I didn't get into the Can-Can joy. 
I remember, my first evening sitting in awe of the beautiful filles on stage. Then, my conscience asked, "Would you really rather be there?" I was in my place she decided.
To watch the film again was a joy. Jean Gabin's family was present, as was the mayor, Daniel Vaillant. To create joy is an art.

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