Sunday, January 18, 2009


The Ar tic cold has passed leaving more familiar misty drizzle. I am happy having received four back issues of The New Yorker. Old news is still good news for Metro rides, super market lines and under the covers which is where I go.
My both bed lamps are on the blink so I'm obliged to carry a very tall floor lamp to my mezzanine and pose it diagonally across my bed. 
Yesterday, my friend Méano came to visit. Not seeing any light through my "French doors", he panicked. 
It wasn't "tap-tap."
It was "tap-tap-tap... tap-tap-tap...tap-tap-tap."
I desended  my stairs, floor lamp under arm like a gladiator and opened the door and responded to all inquiries.
The circus is in town. The famous Cirque d'hiver
I bet they have lights.

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