Thursday, August 15, 2013


Jean-Luc Gréau is a famous French economist and also a local café-friend that I have known for seventeen years. He has published several books and has written for various newspapers including Le Monde.
His theme is, "Governments no longer exists. Banks rule the world." We have only discussed economics since I've known him. Never art. Nonetheless,  I invited him to my retrospective-exposition last spring on the le rue des Trois Frerès and he said that he would come. The next time I saw him, he apologized for not coming to the show and asked me to bring some works down to the café. He did not want to visit my studio. I didn't want to schlep into my local café like a Fuller brush salesman with an arm full of paintings.
 While rearranging my apartment a couple of weeks ago I came across a porte folio with  unframed watercolors from my show and some recent works.  Learning that the café was about to close for vacation, and seeing that he was there, I decided to take a chance. "pourquoi pas?"
He was pleased to see me with the fat bundle under my arm. We opened it up "Reincarnation", a water color that I had made in India in 1977 was second or third. This is the one I want. He asked the price and said "okay". I explained the story behind it. He didn't bother looking at the other works, but took out his checkbook and handed it over.We crossed paths yesterday and he said that he was very pleased with his choice. Looks at it in the morning and before he goes to sleep.
So,  maybe banks don't rule the world.

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