Thursday, January 30, 2014


water color and colored pencil (30x40cm)

I wake before my eyes open in my atelier-apt. on the rue Tardieu. Opening my eyes, I close them again.
"Oh, It was just a dream." I muse, then try to reconstruct what I can remember of it.
Eyes open, I think about my agenda for the day. Projects.
I really have to go to Casto and get a new plug for my bathtub... doctor's for my blog-longtime neglected, and more. Much of which I will put off.
Then there are sounds. The click of the exit door next to my window.
Robert  4th floor is going out for his baguette. Then, there's Guy 5th floor off to the Synagog.
High heeled boots. Children and strollers on the cobble stone gabbing or sometimes crying.
Time to get up!

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  1. Dear Mary,
    Thanks for sharing so simple and at the same time wonderful moments of your life in Paris!
    I enjoy your blog and your art



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